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The Space

Identity & Marketing Materials

Located on the Isle of Dogs, The Space is a theatre and community centre providing opportunities for local residents to engage with the arts. We worked alongside them to create a marketing campaign for their production of Little Women, and an identity for future productions.

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Creating a recognisable identity

Showing many differing productions throughout the year, we needed to create a lightweight identity that could be instantly recognisable to The Space no matter which production was being promoted.


We first wanted to understand The Space, and their place within the performing arts world and their community. These values and characteristics all fed into the creative for the identity and suite of marketing materials.

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By creating a set of flexible rules, this was a cost-effective strategy that allowed for The Space to create future marketing materials for other plays in-house - ensuring longevity with a recognisable and memorable look and feel.


We further explored how imagery used for each play always needed to relate back to the brand values and characteristics. Their telling of Little Women was contemporary, dynamic and bold. We therefore needed to portray this appropriately within today’s climate, and for likely audiences.

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Above: Initial concepts for the Little Women campaign

Above: Initial concepts for the Little Women campaign

Above: Development of selected concept

Above: Development of selected concept


To reflect the original time period of the play together with the modern context, we opted for traditional illustration juxtaposed with vibrant colours. This graphic pairing reflects the rebellious nature of the characters in the play, whilst sitting appropriately within The Space’s brand.

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