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Moorfields Eye Hospital

Focus on Inclusion

Engagement Campaign

Since 2015, we have worked with Moorfields Eye Hospital each year to produce their Focus on Inclusion report. This report takes a closer look at equality, diversity and inclusion within their hospitals.

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Through the use of infographics and illustration, we have created an appealing and light-hearted design style.

This allows the information presented within the reports to be easily digested. This style has also been widely welcomed by all staff, which has developed into a new internal identity for staff communications.

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“Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has worked with Strudel to develop infographics to summarise our policies in an easily digestible format. We have found them to be an effective and engaging way to inform staff about key policies... they have been well received and we have circulated thousands of copies throughout the trust, both electronically and printed.” 

Compliance Manager, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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