National Storytelling Week

We are right in the middle of National Storytelling Week here in the UK, and this got us thinking how important narrative is to our work and how important it is to ANY brand. It also highlights just how much story telling has changed over the years. Long gone are the days of old wives' tales and folk stories, we are in the new age now. Reading is done on screens, stories are told in 146 characters or less and thanks to Instagram stories, videos and images truly due speak a thousand words.

NSTW image.jpg

Narrative in the context of design is one of the most important parts of building a brand.  There are so many businesses and products out there, how do you stand out? The most important commodity for any business IS the story. It's what makes a product go beyond just a product, and allows brands to speak to people on different levels beyond the item they are selling. It also allows for greater, more meaningful content to be produced and, as we know, in the days of the infinite scroll, content is most definitely King.

National Storytelling Week focuses on promoting the by gone days of story telling, a personal face-to-face interaction, something we all do everyday at work over a coffee break or at the water cooler. I don’t think this is a lost art, we all tell tall tales of big weekends or messy night outs, so long as we keep the conversation going whether its online or in person, that’s all that really matters.