The True Cost

My perfect weekend could consist of nothing more than spending many hours (and quite a few pennies) strolling through Selfridges or one of London's other fine department stores. In short, I am a clothes horse. The folks here at Strudel towers could attest to this. Not a month will go by without a number of parcels arriving at my desk with further stylish delights inside. And so it is with a rather heavy heart that I have been exposed to the other downright immoral side of the ‘stylish cool’ that I so crave.


It's no secret to anyone that there is a deep sense of exploitation within the fashion industry, but it is very disturbing to discover just how deep this goes. The fashion industry is now the 2nd most polluting industry in the modern world. It has also been responsible for the loss of life to many of those in developing nations, working in unsafe conditions, with no choice but to put themselves in harms way in order to make a decent living and produce clothes for the west. The Neflix film ‘The True Cost’ highlights these issues as well as documenting the sheer amount of clothes being produced and destined to end up in landfills, creating man made landscapes of waste and pollution. As someone with far more than a passing interest in fashion, it does leave me feeling rather uneasy about the situation.

There is, however, a slight glimmer of hope on the horizon with some designers starting to take note. Stella McCartney and Dame Viv (to her mates ;) two of the most prominent British designers are very active in not only campaigning for change but being an advocate for these movements as well. This issue, as with many, is also the responsibility of us (or ME) the consumer, ‘BUY LESS BUY BETTER’ should be the new fashionista battle cry.  Seeing your clothes as an investment rather than a commodity could go a long way to reducing our waste footprint and hopefully boost our self-esteem in the clothes we do choose to buy. 

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