Beauty in Brutalism

As with many forms of art and expression, once a style has become adopted by the masses and saturated into normal everyday life it is usually the desire, dare I say duty, of the creative community to explore and search out new and exciting ways in which to push the discipline forward, so as to evolve the media. As with art, The classical painting styles were followed by the abstract expressionists, In graphic design skeuomorphism preceded flat, material design and now the flat, minimal world, that widely populates our visual landscape, is being shaken up by a far more rough and ready challenger.

Brutalism is a direct form of aesthetics created as a backlash to the airy, subtleties of minimal design. Born of a generation of YouTube watching, iPhone photographing, DIY creatives, It moves away from the perfect and polished and embraces a more edgy, sharp, direct, and well, brutal form of communication and expression.

While this style is still in its infancy and exists in a raw form it can be seen creeping into the mainstream consciousness. Big players in the youth and fashion market, such as depop and drop box, are already well and truly on-board, so who knows, it may not be long before we all start getting a bit more ‘brutal’ with our online experience.

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